Streaming live video to multiple platforms simultaneously requires special software called webcam splitters. Splitters installed on a computer consume significant processor resources. And if these resources are not enough, video quality losses are possible. Using our product guarantees enough resources and quality of each outgoing stream no worse than an incoming one. This is achieved through the use of the cloud architecture – video processing takes place on our servers and the user receives as much resources as needed at the moment. Thus, regardless of your computer characteristics and quality of its configuration, if it can broadcast a single video stream, it will be able to stream several of them.

Another factor that can affect broadcast quality using a standard splitter is the insufficient speed of the Internet. So to broadcast, for example, to 3 platforms, you need to transfer 3 times more data, and not every network is able to provide this. Using our system, regardless of the number of final outgoing broadcasts, only one stream is transmitted from the user’s computer. So data amount is similar to only one platform broadcast. This advantage will also be relevant for users who pay for Internet services depending on the amount of traffic used – they can save money by using Xtreamer.

Despite the connection to streaming platforms is much easier than traditional RTMP software, you can always contact our support team if having any difficuties with it. You can easily manage all of your streams on one page by changing their preferences or turning on/off your broadcasts.

Despite the fact that our product is not a VPN in the classical sense, it gives users many advantages, similar to VPN services. First, it is anonymity – the user’s IP remains unavailable for the resource, and the final destination of the traffic is hidden for the Internet provider. Secondly, the user gets access to the sites blocked by his Internet providers. But not all classic VPN services are capable of transmitting video streams without loss of quality. Our product provides it at 100% since it was created for that purpose.

Our service works with remote desktops – each user receives his own windows-account on a remote server. Thus, the user has the ability to store there any data – files, browser pages, etc. He can get access to this data by connecting from any computer. At the same time, these data will not be able to fall into the hands of intruders if they seize your computer.

OBS Studio is a powerful free software which is very popular among streamers. It allows to stabilize the quality of the video, impose various effects, conduct broadcasts from several cameras in one window, etc. Xtreamer is fully compatible with OBS. You will be able to use OBS in combination with our software, broadcasting stream not several platforms simultaneously. Thus, users can get all the features of OBS Studio in terms of working with video, and all the features of Xtreamer related to the separation of video streams. Finally, the dream of many streamers has come true: now they can broadcast from OBS Studio to several platforms at the same time.

Some streamers are working with assistants – the broadcaster concentrates on video only while the assistant, for example, can perform settings, communicate with stream viewers, etc. Moreover, such an assistant is often located remotely.
Ordinarily, streamers use remote access software for this purpose, such as Teamviewer. However, this may be associated with some problems. First, additional software consumes extra processor resources. Secondly, such a scheme of work entails the need to give access to your personal computer to third parties. Using Xtreamer solves these problems – connecting the resource assistant to your computer does not require, and access is given to the remote computer, but not to yours.

Our principal difference from competitors is the ability to broadcast video on any type of platform, no matter if it uses RTMP, Adobe Flash Player, HTML5 or WebRTC.